I'm Sandra, also known as Sani, 21 years old and I live in the wonderful home of many fairytales: Hesse, Germany.

Since I was young, I liked to call my children's room "The Kingdom of Sandralusia" and I still do because I always wanted to be a princess. Which girl doesn't, right? So basically, "tales from Sandralusia" means that I will post things that come to my mind in my room.

I wanted to start a blog for many years but I wasn't able due to school and other troubles. In June 2016, I graduated from school and now I'm free to do what I always wanted to do. The main topics of this blog will probably be Disney and Love Live but I'm sure I'll also do some posts about my everyday life, fashion, etc.

Since I'm not that good in talking about myself, I'll just give you some facts about me.

♡ My biggest passion is my love for Disney, followed by the anime and game Love Live.

♡ My favourite movie is Tangled and my love for it is inexpressible in words.

♡ I also love cartoons, such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe. Furthermore, I watch way too many series (including The Handmaid's Tale, Law & Order, Flashpoint, CSI, The Nanny, Scrubs, Modern Family, King of Queens (well, actually every sitcom on German TV), etc.)

♡ My favourite colors are pastel pink, lilac and blue.

♡ I speak German, Englisch, French and a little Polish.

♡ My dream is to see all the Diney Parks and to go to Tokyo some day.

♡ I love Japan and France.

♡ Even though I hate the word, I must admit that I'm a huge nerd. 

♡ I'm a hardcore shipper. My OTPs are NozoEli (Love Live!), KananMari (Love Live! Sunshine!!), Bubbline (Adventure Time) and Yamanda&Kase (Kase-san and Morning Glories).

♡ Lesbian 🌈 & feminist

I'm obsessed with Disney princesses and Mary Poppins. Gotta catch meet them all!

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